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chit n : the bill in a restaurant; "he asked the waiter for the check" [syn: check, tab]

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Etymology 1

Possibly from chitte 'kitten, cub'.


  1. A child or babe; as, a forward chit; also, a young, small, or insignificant person or animal.
  2. A pert young woman
  3. The embryo or the growing bud of a plant; a shoot; a sprout.
    the chits of Indian corn or of potatoes
  4. A slip of paper used for messages or data; a note on a small piece of paper; a scrip.
  5. An excrescence on the body, as a wart.


  1. To sprout; to shoot, as a seed or plant.
  2. To damage the outer layers of a seed such as Lupinus or Sophora to assist germination.

Etymology 2

From chitty from chitthi "letter", "note" from .


  1. In the context of "US|and|UK|_|slang": A small piece, or a hand-written note on paper with a reminder; from Hindi 'chit' - a small piece or note.
  2. In the context of "India|China": A signed voucher or memorandum of a small debt, as for food and drinks at a club.
  3. In the context of "US|slang": A personal favor owed by one person to another.
*2007, New York Times,
  • And he is cashing in chits for her that Mr. Gore, post-impeachment, never asked him to do.

Etymology 3


  1. A small tool used in cleaving laths.

Etymology 4

Euphemistic variation of shit.


  1. In the context of "US|slang|euphemism": Alternative to using the curse, shit.


  1. In the context of "US|slang|euphemism": Alternative to using the curse, shit.


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accounts payable, accounts receivable, acknowledgment, amount due, answer, bad debts, bairn, bantam, banty, bill, billet, bills, borrowing, bud, business letter, button, charges, cherub, chick, chickabiddy, child, chits, communication, darling, debt, diminutive, dispatch, due, dues, epistle, favor, featherweight, financial commitment, fingerling, floating debt, funded debt, indebtedness, indebtment, innocent, juvenile, kid, kitten, lamb, lambkin, letter, liability, lightweight, line, little bugger, little fellow, little guy, little innocent, little one, little tad, little tot, maturity, memo, memorandum, message, mini, minikin, minnow, minny, missive, mite, moppet, mouse, national debt, nipper, notation, note, nubbin, obligation, offspring, outstanding debt, peewee, pledge, pony, public debt, puss, reply, rescript, runt, score, shaver, shrimp, slip, small fry, snip, snippet, tad, tit, tot, uncollectibles, unfulfilled pledge, wart, wee tot, wisp, youngster
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